(Serves as members of the Executive Council, May 1, 2018 – Dec. 31, 2018)

Chair/ Founder: Betty Sawyer
Vice Chair: Brenda Burrell
Secretary: Jacarri Keylley
Treasurer: Devin Pugh
Parliamentarian: Dr. Forrest Crawford
Communications Officer: Dr. Nicola Corbin
Legal Adviser: Pending

Committee Chairs:

Higher Education:

Chair: Dr. William Smith

Vice Chair: Pending

Pre K – 12 Education

Chair: Theresa Mbaku

Vice Chair: Adrienne Scott-Ellis

Environmental, Mental, & Physical Health

Chair: Dr. Steven Bell

Vice Chair: Shekinah Station

Criminal & Juvenile Justice – Reentry/ Restoration

Chair: Dwayne Gibson

Vice Chair: Lex Scott

Special Populations: Senior Citizens

Chair: Pending

Vice Chair: Sumiko Anderson

Special Populations: Youth/Teens

Chair: Tanoka Beard

Vice Chair: Kamari Smalls

Community and Economic Development

Chair: James Jackson III

Vice Chair: E. Al Kalashnikov

Political Action & Involvement- Advocacy

Chair: Representative Sandra Hollins

Vice Chair: Jeanetta Williams

Communications & Outreach

Chair: Dr. Nicola Corbin

Vice Chair: Jacarri Kelley

Work Groups


Chair: Betty Sawyer

Vice Chair: Dr. Tom Meyer

Special Projects & Events

Chair: Alice Burch

Vice Chair: Cassandra Berry


Chair: The Rev. Lamont Stephens

Vice Chair: Devin Pugh

Training and Professional Development

Chair: Dr. Kathleen Christy

Vice Chair: Dr. Forrest Crawford

Historian/Record Keeping

Chair: Jacey Johnson