A Collective Voice

In support of a better Utah.



Equity, academic achievement,excellence are the words that arise in any discussion about positive changes needed in education for Black students in Utah. The issues varybased not on public/charter/private schools, but on levels of education. Therefore, concernsexistrelated to Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade and a separate set of concerns for postsecondary/higher education institutions.Issue:The quality of education, Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade,received by Black students in Utah lagssignificantly behind that ofreceived by White studentsas indicated by completion rates

Strategic Objectives:

Systemic changes must be made in the way we teach our youth.

  • Develop and implement written plans, with yearly measurable goals, to close theachievement gap.

  • Increase the number of administrators and teachers of color.Eliminate the disparity in disciplinary actions against students of color.

  • Eliminate the push-out/dropout rate.

  • Create Afro-centric charter and private schools.

  • Train teachers inculturally relevant strategies.

  • Aggressively recruit and hire more Black teachers and administrators.

  • Decrease the number of disciplinary actions against Black studentsthrough reeducation of educatorsin how to work with a diverse student population.

  • Offer accelerated remedial learning opportunities for those students who are academically behind.

  • Work aggressively to reduce the absentee rate in low-incomecommunities.

  • Define and implement solutions toward keeping Black students in school.