Special Populations

Two groups of people are much beloved in the Black community: senior citizens and young people. Due to the projected increase in population of both groups, systems must be in place to ensure a good quality of life. Such systems bring needed support to those who have carried the burden of all of us for many long years and bring active, hands-on approaches to raising Black youth into productive citizens.

Issue: As the number of elderly Black Utahnsincreases over the next 30 years, we must put in place systems and programs that support this special revered population.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Provide safe, affordable,and adequate housing for senior citizens.

  • Ensure that the elderly have enough to eat each day.

  • Develop a network of support for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.

  • Eliminate the stigma of nursing homes


  • Supply housing vouchers to the elderly.

  • Provide diversity training for home health care providers.

  • Offer culturally appropriate training for caregivers.

  • Provide free and frequent sessions on how to sign up for marketplace resources or free clinics.

  • Develop a system of “patient advocates” to assist Black senior citizensas they navigatethe health care system in Utah.

  • Provide free legal assistance for setting up wills and estate planning.

  • Provide workshops on parenting skills, health and wellness, financial support,and other resources that are specifically designed for senior citizens.

  • Offer free and frequent assistance in preventing identity theft and fraud.

  • Provide social outlets for seniors

Issue: The median age of Blacks in Utah in 2014 was19.6 years.The next 30 years predicts an increase in Black youth under the age of 19. Support in the form of quality schooling, quality day care, adequate and safe housing,and access to healthy foodand job opportunities must be in place in order for them to succeed.

Strategic Initiatives:

  • Provide full-day, free Kindergarten.

  • Train Black youth in the latest in the fields of technology and computer science.

  • Offer exposure to a variety of careers.

  • Provide job opportunities for summer employment.


  • Develop fun and educational opportunities within the communities in which Black children live.

  • Provide technology and free internet service to low income Black youth.

  • Provide culturally enriching experiences.

  • Create programs that instill positive self-esteem

  • Provide cultural competency training to day care workers.