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What is Utah Black Roundtable?

The first of its kind, the Utah Black Roundtable (UBR) is a statewide coalition of individuals, groups andorganizations established to work on issues impacting the lives and well-being of Blacks and African Americans in Utah. Through advocacy, and in collaboration with others, UBR members work to enhance quality of life while eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in several key areas. We believe change can happen when we speak in one voice about critical issues.

Why is the Utah Black Roundtable necessary?

Utah faces issues of racial and economic divide just like any other state in the Union. However, because thenumber of Blacks or African Americans in the state is low, many statistical reports simply code specific data on Blacks as an asterisk. The asterisk simply hides the problem, but the problem still exists.In recent years, a concentrated effort has evolved through town meetings, panel discussions, and surveys to identify, discuss, and seek solutions to improve the quality of life of Blacks in Utah. The Utah Black Roundtable is the result of this effort, and perfectly encapsulates the theme of the 2018 Juneteenth celebrations: reclaim, restore, rebuild.

What are the areas of concerns of the Utah Black Roundtable?

  • Education

  • Juvenile & Criminal Justice

  • Health & The Environment

  • Political Action

  • Community & Economic Development

  • Special Populations

  • Communication & Outreach


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